Sunday, January 8, 2012

For all of those who do not have access to my portfolios on model sites I have decided to start posting again on my blog. I thought I would start with one of my favorite models I have shot over the last few years. He goes by the name T-Strength. He has such a beautiful masculine sensuous aura that it totally disarms you to any and all of his wishes and desires.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It has been a while since I have updated BAGman. I have been shooting a lot of session with private clients and models. Justyn is one of the models I have been working with lately. We did a full portfolio from fashion to portraits to nudes. For each model that I shoot I find something different. Its like discovering a new hue among a box of infinite crayons.

The cat series was one of my favorite. A man and his cat ( also referred to by some as a man and his pussy. Justyn's poses and energy in these images really makes this setting works.

I have always loved the feel of an image where the man is partially exposed. It gives the image a candid almost voyeuristic feel.

The pajama shots were not planned. It just so happen that when Justyn showed up and we were going through his wardrobe the pajamas were there. Once I saw the the colors brought to mind the Le`Rav painting " Gabriel" and so I added this to our session. Justyn really knows how to wear a pair of PJs.

To see more of Justyn visit his Model Mayhem portfolio

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fernando Natural Sensuality

1) above : Down with Denim
2) Work out
3) Excellent Fabric
4) White Recline
5) Tantalizing Shorts

One day while browsing Model Mayhem I came upon a port for a model with the tag "photofl". There was no really nothing special about the avatar but I noticed that the model was from the Tampa Bay area. I usually take a look at local models to see there work and maybe the possibility that we can work together. The portfolio was was varied but only one picture really caught my eye. The image was a nude shot, but it was his eyes and not his body that caught my attention. His eyes radiated a natural sensual energy.

Classic on Red
I contacted Fernando to let him know I admired the image and to inquire about our working together. I never know how a model will react to my offer. Some model are very intimidated by my photography. Some are uneasy about the nudity and others about the sensuality. Fernando agreed to collaborate and the results are what you see here.

1) Just How I Sit
2) Creating Triangles
3) Rearview
4) Comfortable Like This
We started the session out shooting the jeans, "wife beater", and a black suede jacket. The fit was good, so we moved into the studio set the lights and the magic begin. I direct a photo session the way some one would direct a movie. As I directed Fernando in pose, clothing, and emotional feel he did not miss a beat. At the beginning of the session I told him that in my opinion sensuality comes from the face. With that said his face became a becon of sensuality.

Sensuality as a Classic

1) Propped up on Red
2) Scorching Look
3) Sensual Romantic
4) The Spot on Black
We shot four different sets that day: The denim look, the white shorts, the silk spread, and the couch. For me as a photographer I feed off of the energy of a photo session and can, and will shoot for hours without any concept of time. With Fernando, because of other obligations, we had three hours for this session. The session went so well we immediately decided to collaborate for a second.

Spotlight on a Classic

1) Let it Rip
2) That Smile
3) Timeless Sitting
4) Just the Jacket
The morning of our second session we discussed where Fernando would like to see his modeling career go. He stated that he did enjoy sensual modeling and would love to see what he could accomplish in that career. I think he is perfect for it. We shot three sets that day: Jean jacket and black shorts, A blue DKNY jock, and my favorite apparel the white towel.

1) Up for the Task
1) Black and Denim
2) DKNY Blue
3) Eye Deep
4) Jacket Required
1) Can't get Them on
Direct Intentions
1) Trying to Hold Back
2) Under Control
3) Curves

1) Just Thinking
For me the second session that I have with model is always better. This time the second session was awesome but the first one was so good I would have to say it was a tie.

1) Slow Build small
2) Slow build large
3) A little Help?

I hope that with or without my help that the right people find Fernando and are able to enjoy his work. Part of what I wanted to accomplish with my work was to put together a photo book of different type of male model with one thing in common, a sense of sensuality. Fernando will be in that book.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Art of Ed

Every once in a while I am contacted by a model that awakens the creativity of my photographic vision. This is the case with Ed Barron the feature model of this posting. I had seen some of Ed's prior work and knew that he was an active figure model for several art schools. Figure models are use to modeling nude but some have a reservation about nude sensual modeling. I knew that Ed had seen my work, so I pleasantly accepted his offer and the results was more than I could ask for.
The Leap of Faith

Searching for the Slope

At the beginning of a photo session , at least for mine, there is usually an adjustment period of getting a feel for the energy of the model and the model getting a feel for my vision. Though my style is masculine sensuality, or male sensuality, I do tailor each of my session to the person in front of the camera. I do this whether its a model or a private client. Doing this gives me a connection to the person and it shows in the results.

1) Red for Bedtime
2) More than a Tease
3) Exploding Passion
Ed and I shot two sessions. We did the series with the red robe and red underwear against a black background ( my favorite) and that led to what I call the red passion series we did with the large red drape. The second session lasted for about 5 hours and none of the time was wasted.

1) Sophisticated Passion
2) The Dance
3) Red Roman Passion
4) Passion's Red Flash

Red Passion " The Twist"

Red Passion in Black and White.

Sensuality and the Bust of Pla

This image was made on the first day of shooting. The bust is by Tampa artist Pla, and the sensuality was a surprise to both of us. When I shoot a session I try to create a sensuous atmosphere. Sometimes it works better than others. This was one of those times.
Completing the Arch

This image was produced during our first session. The difficulty and beauty of the pose speaks for itself, which is why I tried to keep the setting as simple as possible. We shot this position several times during the two days with different backgrounds. This is my favorite because of the feeling of purity that it projects.
Evening Anticipation (above)
1) Black Abstract
2) Red Passion in Black and White
3) Touch by the Rays
4) Quiet Repose

1) A Gentleman's Cane
2) Halfway
3) Remembrance of Prior Time
The setting in the the images above was to portray a evening alone thinking about the pleasure of being with the someone who was not there. Ed was the first person I shot in that setting. I have shot a couple of more sessions with both models and private client in this setting, but Ed owns it.

1) The Completed Arch on Black
2) Stand of a Man
3) Above the Art
4) Natural Feel
But still in the long run what Ed brought out in me was portraying the beauty of the natural male body. The body of a man that works out at the gym 5 times a week is easy to appreciate and should be appreciated. Ed has a natural build that brings with it an innate beauty through form and pose.
Angles of Direction (above)

1) Flight of Ed
2)Untouchable Passion
3) The Introduction
As the second day progressed through different color backgrounds and settings the desire to see Ed in natural light took over. The results were the same. Spectacular. The natural light brought out a more sensual nature in ED and I must say I was both impressed and pleased.
An Uplifting Smile
Rising Urge

I must say that working with Ed was both a growing experience and a wonderful experience. Since our first two sessions I worked with Ed on a duo shoot with Rick Conrad ( see prior posting) and the results were beautiful. I look forward to working with both of them again. Ed is great to work with and if you need a figure model to shoot as a solo or you would like Ed to pose with you at the studio, you will never regret hiring his services.

Joseph Ransom
The model in the ad above , Fernando, will be the feature of my next posting. Remember whether you are a model or someone who wants some intimate photos get in touch with me. You wont regret it.