Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daniel has been one of my favorite models to work with. From his first session in baggy shorts and a T shirt to now performing as a second model with some of the studio's private portfolio clients as in the image above , Daniel is an excellent combination of sensuality, beauty, and grace. Click on any image to enlarge and enjoy it.
The image above is from his last photo session at the studio for his portfolios on Model Mayhem and Model Coast. He has so much material that it is difficult for him to decide what to post next. With all the work he has done n his first year he will definitely be featured in my upcoming photo book.
Daniel is a great model for fashion with his long slender frame and beautiful face. I look forward to doing some fashion sessions with him in the future if I can get him to put on clothes. As with a lot of models Daniel was hesitant about nude modeling. I told him that when he was ready he would know. When he finally told me he was ready, I was so shocked that I was not ready.

From the implied nude shots above to the sensuous images below Daniels poses are always beautiful. His long legs and arms, beautiful hands and feet, seem to always be in the right place.

Daniel did the ad for me above for the relaunch of BAGman. The images below are from areas around Tampa. We will be doing more location shoots this year. I think the studio has gotten to comfortable for both model and photographer. Its time for a challenge.

The image above was the beginning of a long stretch of artistic photo sessions that I did with Daniel. The images speak for themselves. Enough said.

I hope that in the future Daniel gets the chance to model for other photographers and artist. In the meantime I hope that he will continue to work with me in my model photography and sessions with my private clients.