Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A lot of my clients for my intimate photography service are in their 40's and 50's. The joy of working with these men is to see them go from reserved to expressing their true sexual being. A couple of weeks ago I had a visit by model Rick Conrad who was very much in touch with his sexual being.
We started the photo session with rick in gray sweat pants against a red background. We took some images with the sweat pants fully on and then in various stages of coming off. The contrast of the gray sweats off of the red was great, but it was Rick showing various emotions through this set that made it work. Rick it truly masculine sensuality on display.
For the second set we switched to a black background. We took some fully nude shots, some in gray shorts , and some in winter gear.
The image below has Rick in a black fur hat. The hat is hard to make out but everything else is in plain view.
Rick was such a wonderful model to work with because he was willing to trust all the directions I was giving him. I am especially fond of the image of Rick in the ski shades. The image is both erotic and artistic.
I change the lighting. I had Rick sit down, stand up, sit on something different, and through it he performed like the professional he is.
I wanted to also to make sure we had some well lite images on a light color set. The image below was taken on a solid wooden pedestal with an off white background. The simplicity, his facial expression, and impressive erection made for a fantastic shot.

The last set we used was an office setting. Our vision was this could be the man you are doing business with... If you are lucky. Look for future posting of this session as we take a look at each set separately.
In the meantime visit the studio and see what type of images you can create.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Marcello is one of the most wonderful models I have had the pleasure of working with. During a three hour session we did fashion, casual, and intimate photos. I had seen pictures of him before he arrived but I was stunned with how beautiful he was in person.
Marcello has a classic beauty. He has a very warm smile and beautiful skin. He had a shyness about him that shows in his pictures that makes him the more enduring.
We did a set with Marcello in board shorts and a set with him in casual shorts and a green silk sweater. When I suggested that we do some commando shots, I was pleasantly surprised that he agreed. He had trimmed pubic hair that added a nice touch to the photos.
What really caught my eye was the last set we did on the silk couch. He displayed innocence, seductiveness, sensuality. Through it All it was his beauty that shows through.
More than just a joy to work with, Marcello has to be one of the most beautiful models, inside and out, that I have had the pleasure to work with.