Sunday, February 15, 2009

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I thoroughly enjoy photo sessions with models. I have a set plan and know about how the session will go. Working with a client who has come in for personal photos gives me a different excitement. A model comes in with the feeling that we will be successful and come out with some great photos. A client comes in first with a little nervousness and apprehension about the process and the outcome. Russell and I first communicated online and then by phone to set up his appointment. He owns his own business, Mystical Rubdowns (, so he wanted photos that he could also use on his website. He had told me during our previous conversation that he wanted to do part of the photo session in a kilt. I set up a background of a hand painted 40's era Italian silk spread and a off white silk couch as the set. Russell put on the kilt and we started making art.
After reclining on the couch in several positions Russel's sexual nature starting coming out. It one of the things I love about doing a private photo sessions for clients. When a person feels comfortable enough to reveal themselves as they really want to it magical. You can see it in their body language, and you can see it in their face. They are in the moment and the photos show it. When I am shooting with a model we are trying for a certain look and unless our minds are in sync we sometimes miss the emotion that makes a photo true. Usually when I am shooting with a private client at some point during the session they become the natural sexual being they are and I no longer need to direct. I just need to capture the magic.

Once we were done with this setting, I wondered, because how good it went, if we could keep the creative energy flowing. After we reset the antique silk back drop with a black background I did not need to wonder any longer, the creative energy was as strong as ever.

Once we were done with the kilt we switched to a black background, my favorite, and a pair of white button up Levis. We were able to use the the jeans in a number of ways. When Russel had the jeans all the way buttoned up the look provide a great bulge. Like a woman's breast. you may can't walk around in public with your dick hanging out, but you can make sure the pants you wear highlights that area. He unbuttoned the pants to show a little bush, took the pants off and use them as a drape for a few implied nude shots, and then held them in his hand for some casual nude shots.

After seeing what we could do with the white Levis a we did some artistic nudes with just the black background . The set turned out to be a beautiful blend of masculinity and artistry. We later brought in a Burgundy wing chair and a pair of red mesh underwear. Russell quickly filled up the underwear and was soon poking out of them. This set up provided a totally different look from what we had already shot. I was amazed at how well Russell adapted to each setting.

This is Russell working with me on a camping theme. We did not capture that outdoors feel, but this section of the session was a lot of fun.
We finished the photosession with Russel wearing some ripped jeans shorts and a black T-Shirt. I wanted to use natural light so we shot it in the smaller studio room which has windows. All in all it was a fantastic couple of hours with a client that I now feel is a friend.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Naked Landscaper
When ever I shoot an erotic photo session I do it with more than just wanting to show the models body. For this shoot I was joined br Robert aka " The Naked Landscaper" in portraying the anguish that can be felt when working for a corporation. I myself worked for a corporation for years, putting on my suit and tie every morning and doing my job. This series portrays both the fustrations and the desires of a corporate worker. This is just a portion of the shots taken. I may consider releasing them on a CD in the future for those who want to enjoy this type of art to the fullest in the privacy of their homes. This series is titled

" Corporate Ties"

I love to use dramatic lighting Whether I am shooting a photo session with a model or a personal client. I think it just adds drama and artistic value to the photo.

We ended the photo session with Robert on the couch. Its great working with a model that can draw on his inner sensuality while listening to the directions of a photographer that pushes and pushes. I hope to be working with Robert if I can schedule him in between his demands form other photographers. You can see Robert on Model Mayhem, Modelcoast, and Model Launch under " The Naked Landscaper". Here's to you Robert

Friday, February 6, 2009

George and I did a variety of settings and outfits. and even though we never did any nude photos (not that I would have objected) his photos still have a strong male sensuality to them. George is just hot.

My first up date a few days ago features Daniel. Daniel is a Ransom House Studio Model. His versatility goes from fashion, to editorial, to artistic nudes. He has also agreed to model with some of my private photography client when they needed a second. You will see more of Daniel in future postings so stay tuned.

Today I am happy to post some pictures of one of my Tampa clients George. I am always happy when one of my clients allow me to post their photos. I love my models but my clients photos have a touch of realism that I don't get with my models. My clients also proves the point that masculine sensuality comes in a ton of different flavors.

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Beginning

I started this blog as a way to communicate with anyone who had the time and curiosity to drop by. I knew that I wanted to discuss politic, sports, sexuality. Time passed very fast as I had to develop my company website(, Model Mayhem portfolio(Ransom House Studios),Modelcoast portfolio (BAGman Studios), Model Launch portfolio Ransom House Studio9), and manage a couple of my models online portfolio, that I let BAGman suffer. Well that is no more. Over the last year I have let BAGman languish while my attention was elsewhere.

Part of my studio's business is to shoot personal portfolio"s for any man that would like to see what his sensual nature looks like in the hands of a professional photogapher. The combination of these men, some who gave me premission to post their pictures, and the models that I have shot portfolios for give me a nice variety of pictures to display. Unfortunately most of my private clients do not give me the permission to display their pictures. Its unfortunate because most of them have taken some great pictures. I do understand and respect their choice to remain private and thank them for letting me have pleasure of servicing them in this endevor. So as of today I will start posting of the variety of men who have graced my studio.