Monday, February 2, 2009

New Beginning

I started this blog as a way to communicate with anyone who had the time and curiosity to drop by. I knew that I wanted to discuss politic, sports, sexuality. Time passed very fast as I had to develop my company website(, Model Mayhem portfolio(Ransom House Studios),Modelcoast portfolio (BAGman Studios), Model Launch portfolio Ransom House Studio9), and manage a couple of my models online portfolio, that I let BAGman suffer. Well that is no more. Over the last year I have let BAGman languish while my attention was elsewhere.

Part of my studio's business is to shoot personal portfolio"s for any man that would like to see what his sensual nature looks like in the hands of a professional photogapher. The combination of these men, some who gave me premission to post their pictures, and the models that I have shot portfolios for give me a nice variety of pictures to display. Unfortunately most of my private clients do not give me the permission to display their pictures. Its unfortunate because most of them have taken some great pictures. I do understand and respect their choice to remain private and thank them for letting me have pleasure of servicing them in this endevor. So as of today I will start posting of the variety of men who have graced my studio.

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